Improved memory with super blue green algae

Improved memory with super blue green algae

BGA is a term for micro algae that grow in fresh water. The most common forms are chlorella and spirulina. These small plants have the ability to provide all the nutrients required by the human body. These microscopic micro algae prove that the best foods for you are most certainly green. You can have more energy in an instant all thanks to a billion year old blue green algae.

BGAs contain all known B vitamins including B12 which is rarely found in plants. It also contains vitamin C and E among others, minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, nuclei acids and protein. One teaspoon of super green food BGA has more calcium then milk and provides 12 times more digestible protein than beef. BGAs can also remove toxins and heavy metals from your body naturally and safely. Using a green supplement regularly has been helpful with digestive issues like regularity too.

The best way to eat BGA is in a powder form because your body can easily digest and absorb the nutrients. BGA is a whole food, not a multi vitamin or supplement. Multi vitamins and supplements are often made from chemicals or ground up minerals. Vitamin pills are big and hard and take time to break down in your system, some have been shown not to break down at all.

BGAs are natural whole foods, which makes them easy to digest. This gives you a boost of energy. Try a teaspoon of BGA powder with a cup of juice after lunch. This healthy and natural buzz can turn your long afternoon into your most productive time of day!

The quality of your thinking and cognition can be effected drastically by your diet or the food you eat. When your body has plenty of resources, B vitamins and micro nutrients for example, the more effective and efficiently your body runs. Your body uses these resources for all activities whether awake or asleep.

This nutritional trade off goes on every day inside your entire system. That is why it is so important for every organ and system in your body to get the nutrition it needs on a daily basis. How you can maintain the energy level you desire without caffeine or stimulants?

One way is to ingest “super foods” like BGA. mix it in grape juice, that way it has a mild taste, mixes instantly and really packs a punch! Unlike so many other greens in pill or powder from, this one keeps on delivering a healthy, natural buzz every time! You can find many super green foods put there but taste matters. if you cant get it down, it will not work.

BGAs often provide a rich source of nutrients the body requires for optimal health. BGAs have vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants. BGAs have beneficial nutrients that have been proven to help prevent many diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and arthritis. It is also why you experience a natural energy rush whenever they take them.

All people can benefit from the nutrition in BGA. It can improve energy levels and are the perfect addition for weight loss programs. BGAs increase stamina, endurance and reduce recovery time from any physical activity.

Considering adding super green food to your diet? Many have experienced the rush of energy and clarity that comes from BGAs. It can be as simple as adding one heaping teaspoon of spirulina to your diet every day in a smoothie or glass of juice.

Blue green algae will also help your digestive process Most BGAs contain chlorella, which is filled with chlorophyll. This natural substance boosts your energy, naturally cleans and detoxifies your body and boosts your immune system. This cleansing is good for your colon, liver and stomach. BGAs have many nutritional benefits – it’s hard to believe this much energy is derived from a tiny algae plant.