ADHD – The Cat is Out of the Bag

ADHD – The Cat is Out of the Bag

Blue-green Algae have benefited many people who complained of poor memory or concentration and this is most likely due to its high content of usable proteins and amino acid peptides that are crucial to the formation of neurotransmitters, plus its high nutrient content that provides nourishment to hitherto weakened nerves.

Another factor in the algae’s success as “brain food” may lie in its high choline and manganese content. Choline is known as the “brain enhancing vitamin,” while manganese deficiency (fully correctable by the algae) can lead to pre-senile brain degradation.

Moreover, several studies have been conducted on the effects of AFA blue-green algae on children and adults with so-called ADHD, with very promising and positive results.

This is not necessarily good news for the drugs industry for whom ADHD has proven a real money spinner and which profits not only from sales of drugs to “manage” ADHD and other diseases (not “cure,” “MANAGE,” you’ll notice because psychiatry does not like to talk about curing anything – for the very good reason that it can’t) and then further drug sales to “manage” the addictions and other mental and physical complications that result from doping children up on powerful brain damaging chemicals.

There is hardly anyone by now who does not know how the psycho-pharmacy has been operating its highly lucrative scam: first take some characteristics of human behavior and label them a “mental illness.” Market the illness so thoroughly nobody notices that there is NO scientific proof worth a nickel that such an illness exists and plenty of evidence that it derives from, among other things, nutritional imbalances and poisons in the food. Then market a powerful drug to suppress the “illness.”

Despite the massive and disingenuous campaign fuelled by millions of psycho-pharmacy dollars to convince everyone that a mental illness called ADHD exists, and that the only hope those suffering from it have is to be drugged, the truth has a habit of confounding the dedicated efforts of the nefarious to suppress it.

And so it is with the great ADHD hoax and other mental illness from the psychiatric “hoaxocopia:” the cat is well and truly out of the bag and the public at last has awoken to the fact that nutrition is better medicine than drugs.

A study in Nicaragua as long ago as 1992, for example, showed the beneficial effects of AFA blue-green algae on children’s school performance. In the study, 1482 children ingested about 1 gram of AFA blue-green per day and one year later their average academic scores rose from a baseline of 64% to 81%. [ published by Project 2000, Inc. 140 Seawall St. Boylston MA. Fall 1993 issue.] This is a truly astounding result for such a modest amount of AFA blue-green algae consumed.

Another study, this time from the University of Central America in 1995, also examined the effects on the academic performance (as well as overall health status) of about 1 gram of AFA blue-green algae per day. A group of 111 children taking the algae were monitored for six months and their outcomes were compared to a control group with the same number of children.

For the children taking the AFA blue-green algae, an impressive improvement was evident, both in class participation and their ability to focus on given tasks. [“Study of the effects of Super Blue Green Algae™ on the nutritional status and school performance of first, second and third grade children attending the Monsenor Velez School in Nandaime, Nicaragua..” Cell Tech, 1995]

Yet another study of AFA blue-green algae is especially illuminating. This involved 109 children with an average age of 9 years, (55 girls and 54 boys) whose parents filled out a detailed standardized questionnaire that inquired about the academic, medical, and behavioral histories of their children. At the end of the study, which lasted ten weeks, those parents were asked to fill out another questionnaire and the compiled results indicated “significant improvement in the ability to focus, follow directions, and concentrate… fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and behavior withdrawal.” Teachers were also involved in the study and their reports declared “an improvement in the ability to focus and concentrate…a reduction in aggressive and acting out behaviors.” The authors of the study concluded that “significant positive changes in children were evident across a wide range of behaviors…[and] that all children might increase their ability to concentrate and focus as AFA blue-green algae is added to their diet.” [“The Children and Algae Report”. Center for Family Wellness Study, 1995]

But it is not just the Blue-green algae that so effectively helps with ADHD and other problems of mind/brain function such as depression and Alzheimers (and WITHOUT the dangerous side effects for which drugs are so notorious) but there is increasing evidence that Green Tea is highly beneficial too.